Guitar Lessons for 7 - 12 years old Kids

At kids guitar academy we teach 7-12 year old students (some as young as 6) to play their favorite rock and pop songs on guitar and make learning to play so easy and fun that kids never want to quit.

We do this by simplifying their favorite songs down to something that they can play NOW, rather than making them wait 2 years to playing anything that sounds like real music.

Its not the INSTRUMENT, its the SONG.

What this means is that kids have to have an emotional connection to the music they play and to KNOW and like the songs.

The reason why many kids lose interest when they try instruments like piano, violin , flute or saxophone, is that the songs they are made to play (twinkle, twinkle etc.) are not songs they listen to.

We focus on making the entire guitar learning process a 100% fun and positive experience.

We still provide structure to our students,  but we “hide the vitamins in the ice cream”… meaning that the structure doesn’t feel restrictive or boring to our students.

Once the student is emotionally engaged and having a fun, positive experience we are able to increase the level of “challenge” without the student become discouraged and wanting to quit.

7-12 year old students have a very specific set of needs when it comes to learning guitar.

Teachers that don’t SPECIALIZE in this age group either OVERWHELM students because they try to make then learn the same way ad adult does… or they bore them to death because they assume that a young kid is only capable of playing 2 line nursery rhyme songs.

If a teacher says ” I am all ages, all styles”…. RUN.

There are hundreds of styles of music, and while you can be proficient in many… its literally impossible to be able to teach them all… so the teacher is basically starting the relationship off with a lie…

As far as all ages… if you needed open heart surgery, you wouldn’t go to the “all body parts” surgeon. You would go to a heart SPECIALIST.

Now, we aren’t talking about something as serious as heart surgery, but trying and FAILING at anything can be damaging to a child.

That’s why its SO important to make sure that elementary school aged students learn with a teacher and method that are specifically designed for their unique challenges and skills.

Our goal is to create a BIG WIN that builds confidence and can be transferred onto ALL other areas of life.

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Jordan Strauss Specializing in ages 7-11 and Advanced Rock/Metal Lead. “IF THE STUDENT HASN’T LEARNED, THE TEACHER HASN’T TAUGHT” This quote sums up the way Jordan Strauss feels about a teacher’s role regarding student’s learning, especially if the student is in the 7-11 age range. While some teachers are quick to blame the student for a lack of progress (not practicing), Jordan believes that it is his duty to help a student realize their dream of playing the guitar and he takes FULL responsibility for the results that his students get from working with him. He focuses on making the learning process so EASY and FUN that students never want to quit. “I never make students learn songs that they don’t like and I don’t try to force my personal musical interests on my students.”

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